Photography by Carsten Bunnemann.


The new album by Dan Korn & Joe Sharp was released on 19th July 2019.

It is now available on Digital, CD and Vinyl formats from your usual online outlets and from our Bandcamp page.

The official Dan Korn & Joe Sharp website can be found here:

"Polaris has a longing sense as the watcher in the song sees someone slipping away. Dan's delivery manages to slip a little bite into his crooned but sharp piece of people watching. A soothing and rewarding listen."

- Marc Higgins, FATEA

"Polaris is an album that feels entirely natural, as if you've closed your eyes and suddenly opened them again in a quaint woodland clearing."

- Joe Knipe, Artree

"talented people... clever songs"

- Genevieve Tudor, BBC Radio Shropshire

"Polaris is the first collaborative album by Dan Korn & Joe Sharp and is born from a decade of double bassist Sharp lending his talents to singer-songwriter Korn's previous releases. It's an album driven by heartbreak with Korn's talent for a telling lyric and his delicate guitar complimented by Sharp's bass and harmony vocals."

- RnR Magazine

"This is the sort of album you could take into a quiet solitary space and not come out for a while."

- Allan Wilkinson, Northern Sky

"wonderfully raw and stripped back sound"

- Duncan Chappell,